C5•6 Technologies Inc.

Conversion from sugar to fuelC5•6 Technologies Inc. creates bio-based solutions to efficiently convert biomass into five and six carbon sugars. The company is developing the next generation of enzyme solutions that are up to 50 fold more potent than competing products. As part of its enzyme screening and development program the company has commercialized 150 new enzyme products called CAZyme™ Carbohydrases.

C5•6’s microbial and enzyme technology platform has been developed over the course of seven years using US Government SBIR grants and private equity investments. C5•6 is an industrial partner of the University of Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center funded by the DOE.

C5•6 Technologies is developing disruptive technologies, such as CornBuster™ products, that leapfrog existing approaches in the marketplace through the use of novel, high specific activity enzymes and low-cost enzyme production capabilities for converting lignocelluloses and hemicelluloses into readily useable five and six carbon sugars.

C5*6 BuildingC5•6 Technologies is the first company to develop a potent enzyme product that degrades a previously unfermentable carbohydrate stream within corn ethanol plants into fermentable sugar. CornBuster™ enzyme technology improves sugar yield 10% and leapfrogs existing products by providing a high potency fiber-degrading enzyme in a form that is compatible with existing ethanol plant infrastructure. Other products only degrade the starch carbohydrate.  C5•6’s CornBuster™ enzyme technology provides a significant positive financial return for the corn ethanol industry.