Acidothermus cellulolyticus enzymes

Acidothermus cellulolyticus (Acel) is a thermophilic, cellulolytic organism that differs from most thermophilic cellulose degraders.  A. cellulolyticus does not degrade cellulose using cellulososmes, but produces a mixture of soluble (non-cellulosomal)  enzymes active on native cellulose.  The enzymes show novel combinations of multiple carbohydrate binding modules and multiple GH subunits.  While several publications report the cloning of an  A. cellulolyticus cellulase into plants, the full set of  individual pure enzymes have not been available for researchers to evaluate.  We have cloned, expressed and purified nine of these enzymes.  In our hands, Acel enzymes significantly improve cellulose degradation by C. thermocellum enzymes (shown below).  What they can do in your hands?  These enzymes are cloned  and produced in E. coli, then purified by column chromatography to give >90% purity by SDS-PAGE.  Enzymes are supplied as solutions in 75 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0 and 25% glycerol.

Cth - CelI, CelG, CbhA, and CelK. 617 + 619 - Acel_0617 and Acel_0619 Combined - All six enzymes

Cth – CelI, CelG, CbhA, and CelK.
617 + 619 – Acel_0617 and Acel_0619
Combined – All six enzymes


Product Name                           Gene                    CAZY Family

Xylanase 19                              Acel_0180                    GH10 CBM3 CBM2

Xylanase 20                              Acel_0372                    GH10 CBM3 CBM2

Cellulase 45                              Acel_0614                    GH5 CBM2

Cellulase 40                              Acel_0615                    GH6 CBM3 GH12 CBM2

Cellulase 41                              Acel_0617                    CBM3 GH48 CBM2

Cellulase 42                              Acel_0619                    GH12 CBM2

Cellulase 46                              Acel_0970                    GH9 CBM3 CBM2

Cellulase 47                              Acel_1701                    GH9 CBM3 CBM3 CBM2

beta-Xylosidase 8                    Acel_2050                    GH3