Clostridium thermocellum enzymes

When one thinks of bacterial cellulases, the first system to come to mind is the cellulosomal system of Clostridium thermocellum (Cthe), possibly the most studied of all the bacterial cellulase systems.    The cellulose is a large, cell-bound complex containing a mixture of cellulases, hemicellulases, cellulose binding proteins,  as well as other proteins.  These cellulosomes appear to degrade cellulose using a different mechanism than used by soluble cellulases.  

Clostridium thermocellum has the largest set of characterized cellulases of any organism; CelA, CelC, CelD, CelE, CelG, CelH, CelI, CelK, CelN, CelO, CelR, CelS, and CbhA have all been cloned, expressed and characterized from C. thermocellum.  Whole genome sequencing has revealed that this is only a fraction of the cellulytic enzymes present in C. thermocellum; twenty-eight potential cellulases are present in the genome.  Of the twenty-eight potential cellulases,  twenty-five have dockerin domains, while only two (celI and CelY) are secreted as soluble enzymes and one (celC) is intracellular.  More information on the cellulases can be found here.  While  C. thermocellum utilizes only the cellulose in mixtures of biomass components,  C. thermocellum produces a wide range of enzymes active on other biomass components including xylanases, pectinases, mannanases, as well as beta-glucosidases.  C5-6 Technologies LLC produces and stocks the largest selection of cloned and purified C. thermocellum enzymes anywhere. Our inventory includes a wide range of cellulases, xylanases, beta-glucosidases and mannanases. Our inventory is listed below, organized by gene number.  C5-6 Technologies LLC is also the discoverer  and  only source of C. thermocellum CelL (Cthe_0405).  The C. thermocellum enzymes are cloned as soluble, non-dockerin proteins and produced in E. coli, then purified by column chromatography to give >90% purity by SDS-PAGE.  Enzymes are supplied as solutions in 75 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0 and 25% glycerol.  Follow the product links to view the data sheets for the individual enzymes.


Product Name                           Gene                         CAZY Family               Price

beta-Mannanase 1 (ManA)     Cthe_0032                    CBM35  GH26                  $200/2 mg

Cellulase 07 (CelI)                    Cthe_0040                   GH9 CBM3 CBM3             $200/2 mg

beta-Glucosidase 2 (BglA)        Cthe_0212                   GH1                                     $200/2 mg

Cellulase 03 (CelA)                   Cthe_0269                   GH8                                     $200/2 mg

Cellulase 48 (CelL )                   Cthe_0405                   GH5                                    $200/2 mg

Cellulase 10 (CelK)                   Cthe_0412                   CBM4 GH9                        $200/2 mg

Cellobiohydrolase 1 (CbhA)     Cthe_0413                   CBM4 GH9                      $200/2 mg

Cellulase 06 (Cel R)                   Cthe_0578                   GH9 CBM3                     $200/2 mg

Cellulase 04 (CelE)                   Cthe_0797                   GH5                                    $200/2 mg

Cellulase 11 (CelD)                   Cthe_0825                   GH9                                    $200/2 mg

Xylanase 05 (XynY)                   Cthe_0912                CBM22 GH10 CBM22      $200/2 mg

Cellulase 09 (CelH)                   Cthe_1472                   GH5  CBM11                     $200/2 mg

Xylanase 03 (XynZ)                    Cthe_1963                  GH10                                $200/2 mg

Cellulase 08 (CelO)                  Cthe_2147                   CBM3 GH5                        $200/2 mg

Cellulase 02 (CelC)                   Cthe_2807                   GH5                                   $200/2 mg

Cellulase 05 (CelG)                  Cthe_2872                   GH5                                    $200/2 mg

Xylanase 04 (XynA)                   Cthe_2972                 GH11 CBM6                     $200/2 mg