Dictyoglomus turgidum enzymes

We are the only supplier of enzymes from the extreme thermophile Dictyoglomus turgidum (Dtur).  Dtur was first isolated from the hot springs at Kamchatka in Russia.


Hot springs at Kamchatka.









Our group sequenced the genome of Dictyoglomus turgidum and the genome is available from GenBank.  We utilized two strategies to identify new enzymes from the organism, screening of shotgun libraries and amplification of genes from the genome sequence.  Among the enzymes identified was a novel cellulase, Dtur CelA, that possesses activity on a wide range of substrates including beta-glucan, CMC, glucomannan, xyloglucan and mannan.  C5-6 is the only source of the Dictyoglomus turgidum alpha-glucuronidase, an enzyme shown to significantly improve  xylan conversion in pretreated biomass.   All enzymes are cloned  and produced in E. coli, then purified by column chromatography to give >90% purity by SDS-PAGE.  Enzymes are supplied as solutions in 75 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0 and 25% glycerol.  Follow the product links to view the data sheets for the individual enzymes.


Name                                              Gene                CAZY Family          Price

beta-Glucosidase 8                      Dtur_0462              GH1                  $200/2 mg

beta-Galactosidase 3                   Dtur_0505              GH1                  $200/2 mg

Cellulase 51                                   Dtur_0669              GH5                   enquire*

Cellulase 1 (Dtur CelA)              Dtur_0670              GH5                   $200/2 mg

beta-Mannanase 8                       Dtur_0671              GH5                   enquire*

alpha-Amylase 1                          Dtur_0675             GH57                  $200/2 mg

beta-Xylosidase 10                      Dtur_0852             GH3                    enquire*

Xylanase 6 (Dtur XynA)           Dtur_1647            GH10                   $200/2 mg

alpha-Galactosidase 3                 Dtur_1670            GH36                   enquire*

alpha-Glucuronidase 1 (Agu1)  Dtur_1714             GH67                   $200/2 mg

beta-Xylosidase 11                        Dtur_1723             GH3                     enquire*

Arabinase 1                                    Dtur_1729             GH43                   enquire*

beta-Galactosidase 2                    Dtur_1799             GH1                     enquire*

*Limited quantities of these materials are available, check with us on availability and pricing.