Enzymes for yeast research

Yeast are important catalysts in biofuels research, converting five and six-carbon sugars into ethanol or other biofuels.  Research on gene and protein expression in engineered yeast strains requires the ability to lyse these yeast quickly and effectively. Lysis of yeast cells is particularly difficult, especially if attempted under mild conditions.  Traditional methods include autolysis, homogenization, glass beads, and grinding of frozen cells.  Enzymatic lysis using enzymes from Arthrobacter luteus  (Cellulosimicrobium cellulans) is a gentle alternative to these harsh methods.  Current products are crude mixtures of enzymes produced by Arthrobacter luteus cultures, including potentially proteases and nucleases.  C5-6 Technologies is the first  company to offer purified, cloned A. luteus enzymes for your yeast research.  These purified enzymes are free of extraneous activities and proteins that can degrade your valuable samples.  

The following Arthrobacter luteus curdlanases are available:

Arthrobacter luteus  endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase      UniProt P22222       GH64 CBM13      $200/1 mg

Arthrobacter luteus  beta-1,3-glucanase                   UniProt G1ED17       GH16                    $200/1 mg

Additional enzymes that may be useful for cell wall degradation of yeast include:


Curdlanase 1               Bcell_0683                 GH16 (CBM4)5                $200/2 mg

Curdlanase 2               Bcell_0690                CBM4 GH16 (CBM4)2     $200/2 mg


beta-Mannanase 1         Cthe_0032                    CBM35  GH26          

beta-Mannanase 2        Fisuc_0727                   GH26

beta-Mannanase 3       Fisuc_0730                   CBMnc GH26

beta-Mannanase 4       Fisuc_2933                   GH5 CBM4

beta-Mannanase 5       Fisuc_0728                  GH5

beta-Mannanase 6       Fisuc_1688                 CBM35 GH26

beta-Mannanase 7       Bcell_1368           GH26 CBM2 CBM23 CBM59

Lichenase 1                  Fisuc_2961                     GH16 GH16