Fibrobacter succinogenes enzymes

Fibrobacter succinogenes is a well-known inhabitant of the bovine rumen, where it degrades and consumes cellulose in feed.  It produces succinct acid, which is utilized by other organisms in the rumen.  While the importance of this organism  is well known, the method it uses to degrade cellulose and the functions of many of its enzymes are not.  Our group has screened the genome for biomass-degrading enzymes using shotgun libraries, sequenced the genome and cloned numerous other enzymes not captured by shotgun cloning.  These enzymes are cloned  and produced in E. coli, then purified by column chromatography to give >90% purity by SDS-PAGE.  Enzymes are supplied as solutions in 75 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0 and 25% glycerol.


beta-Mannanase 5       Fisuc_0728   GH5

beta-Mannanase 3       Fisuc_0730   CBMnc GH26

Cellulase 22                 Fisuc_0786   GH5

Cellulase 28                 Fisuc_0860   GH77

Cellulase 14                 Fisuc_0897   GH5

Cellulase 26                 Fisuc_1224   GH5

Xylanase 13                 Fisuc_1426   GH45

Cellulase 23                 Fisuc_1523   GH5

Cellobiohydrolase 2     Fisuc_1584   GH5

Esterase 1                     Fisuc_1641   CE2

beta-Mannanase 6       Fisuc_1688   CBM35 GH26

Cellulase 29                 Fisuc_1751   GH3

Xylanase 14                 Fisuc_1765   GH30 CBM6 CBMnc

Xylanase 24                 Fisuc_1769   GH43 CBM6 CBMnc

Esterase 2                     Fisuc_1771   CE1 CBM4

alpha-Galactosidase 2 Fisuc_1773   GH27 CBM6

ChBP1                          Fisuc_1789   GH95 CBM6

Xylanase 09                 Fisuc_1793   GH10 CBM6 CBMnc

Xylanase 07                 Fisuc_1794   GH10 CBM6 CBMnc

Cellulase 30                 Fisuc_1802   GH8

Cellulase 15                 Fisuc_1859   GH9

Cellulase 24                 Fisuc_2033   GH9

beta-Glucanase 3         Fisuc_2065   GH3

Cellulase 16                 Fisuc_2081   GH51

Xylanase 10                 Fisuc_2201   GH11

Cellulase 17                 Fisuc_2230   GH5

Xyloglucanase 1          Fisuc_2317   GH74

Cellulase 27                 Fisuc_2362   GH9

Xylanase 08                 Fisuc_2442   GH11

ChBP2                          Fisuc_2485   CBM6

Esterase 3                     Fisuc_2534   CE6 CBM6 CBMnc

Cellulase 18                 Fisuc_2579   GH8

Cellulase 31                 Fisuc_2886   GH43

beta-Mannanase 4       Fisuc_2933   GH5 CBM4

Lichenase 1                 Fisuc_2961   GH16 GH16

beta-Galactosidase 3   Fisuc_3049   GH2

Cellulase 25                 Fisuc_3081   GH5

Cellulase 19                 Fisuc_3111   CBM30 CBM30 CBM11 GH51