CAZyme™ Enzymes

C5-6 Technologies offers a wide range of recombinant carbohydrases.  The goal of the business is to supply researchers a full set of pure, single-protein, biomass-degrading enzyme products that will allow researchers to conduct the best research on the structure and degradation of biomass polymers.  We are constantly adding enzymes to cover the full range of substrates, reaction temperatures, and pH values that researchers could want.

The advantages of C5-6 Technologies’ carbohydrases over other suppliers products include:

  1. Produced in a host organism that produces no native biomass-degrading activities, C5-6 Technologies’ carbohydrases are guaranteed to contain only the enzyme and activity you want.  This allows you to study the action of single enzymes or prepare your own cocktails of enzymes  exactly as you want them.  Competitors’ products contain mixtures of many different enzymes which can vary significantly from batch to batch.
  2. C5-6 Technologies’ will supply enzymes from a wide range of bacterial sources, allowing you to find enzymes that you can’t find anywhere else, and which work under the conditions you want to run. Competitors’ products are typically from one or two fungi, and limit you to a narrow range of operating conditions.
  3. After synthesis, C5-6 Technologies’ carbohydrases are further purified to greater than 90% purity with minimal preservation.  Competitors’ products can contain unnecessary proteins, salts, sugars and colored components that can interfere with enzyme assays or fermentation studies.
  4. C5-6 Technologies’ carbohydrases are sold as highly concentrated enzyme solutions that allow you to use high concentrations of enzyme for rapid analytical work or work at biomass high solids without dilution from the enzyme product.  Competitors’ products may come as difficult to use powders or precipitates.
  5. C5-6 Technologies’ carbohydrases are fully analyzed to guarantee you the activity you want and need.  All of Lucigen’s carbohydrases are analyzed using standard methods that can be replicated in you laboratory.  No guessing on what the obscure units your product is labeled in mean.

C5-6 Technologies’ carbohydrases have numerous uses in the study of biopolymer structure and breakdown.  Research areas where C5-6 Technologies’ carbohydrases have utility include.

  • Biofuel production – breaking down complex carbohydrates for conversion into ethanol or other biofuels
  • Paper and pulp production – selective degradation of xylan components in wood
  • Baking – optimization of yeast dough and improved softness
  • Brewing – treatment of mash and wort to improve yield of alcohol
  • Agriculture – improving animal feed and silage
  • Yeast research – cell wall lytic enzymes

Should you need larger scale amounts for pilot or production trials, C5-6 Technologies will work with you to supply these enzymes.

For your convenience, C5-6 enzymes can also be accessed by source of enzyme.  


To place an order, please e-mail us at or  call us at (608) 886-5765.