C5-6 Technologies’ expertise begins with proprietary and patented molecular biology know-how in the following areas:

  • DNA isolation and purification
  • Vector construction
  • Genomic and metagenomic DNA library construction
  • High throughput expression and screening of libraries

C5-6 Technologies’ Development Team brings over 50 years of combined industrial know-how and expertise in the areas of:

  • Enzyme characterization and evaluation
  • Carbohydrate chemistry and analysis
  • Gram-positive cloning
  • Metabolic engineering of bacteria and plants
  • Fermentation scale-up
  • Fermentation product recovery

The starting points of C5-6’s enzyme discovery process are microbes selected from very targeted natural environments. By understanding the requirements of the process environment into which C5-6 wishes to insert a new enzyme, the Company is able to determine the characteristics of the natural environment from which it will seek genetic material. This approach turns the typical enzyme discovery on its head. The Company is discovering enzymes that fit targeted process environment rather than new enzymes that require new processes.